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Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 page. Here, you can find out all about the exciting things we get up to in the final year of primary school.

Year 6 is a very exciting year for your children because their learning will not just be around the subjects and topics that we cover. They will learn so much more about themselves and their ambitions for the future. Children in Year 6 are both given and expected to have more independence which will serve them well in their transition to secondary school and beyond. Something that is very important in our year group is that there is a sense of coming together and support between all of the children, they want each other to do well and it is very much a group effort. We love talking about current affairs and keeping up to date with what is happening in the world as well as picking up nuggets of information and life advice from our teachers.

Remember: stay positive, work hard… the best is yet to come!