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School Uniform

School Uniform

The school colours are blue cardigans, jumpers, sweat shirts or fleeces, grey skirts or trousers. White shirts. Uniform can be ordered from the office.CRPS-504 (with path)

Striped and Mohican Hair Cuts

Can I remind parents that striped and mohican hair cuts are not allowed in school. Any boy or girl will be sent home to have it shaved off if they have stripes. Please wait until the summer holiday if it’s something your child really wants.

Wearing of Jewellery

For safety reasons children must not wear jewellery. If children have had their ears pierced they may wear close fitting plain studs during school time. However, parents must accept responsibility should any accident occur as a result. A child must be able to remove his/her own earrings for PE.

PE and Games Wear

CRPS-349 (with path)All children need PE shoes (preferably plimsolls). Children should change into a vest type top and shorts for PE. It is important for health reasons that children do change for PE lessons. PE Kit should be kept in a suitable bag.

All items of school clothing should be clearly marked with your child’s name.