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School Council

School Council

The school council, which is lead by the Head Boy, Head Girl and their deputies, includes two representatives from each class through school. All of the roles in the school council are voted for by the children in school and will allow one boy and one girl from each class to represent their peers and air views, concerns and suggestions in regular meetings of the council. The position are as follows:

The leaders of the council:

Head Boy: Cobey 

Head Girl: Suha

Deputy Head Boy: Jacob

Deputy Head Girl: Tanisha

Class representatives in the council:

Class 16: Lara and Jake

Class 15: Fahad and Ellie-Mae

Class 14: Keira and Jack

Class 12: Imana and Tobias

Class 11: Olivia and Lucas

Class 10: Ilyias and Nina

Class 9: Malik and Tahiyah

Class 8: Haniyah and Benjamin

Class 7: Wazir and Anissa

Class 6: Ellie-Rose and Benji

Class 5: Evie and Varo

Reception: Mahammed, Aliyah, Aayan and Maliha


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