Amazing news! We are in the top 5% of schools in the country for KS1 to KS2 progress for reading, writing and maths! Well done to everyone!
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Governors Declaration of Interests


Name Business interests Other schools governed Relationship with staff / other members of the governing body Date
Mrs Ann J Pringleton – Headteacher Ann Pringleton ROGBI 17-18      
Val Johnston – Independent Chair appointed by Lingfield Education Trust  Valerie Johnston ROGBI 17-18 Firthmoor Primary School    
Stuart  Crowther – Lingfield Education Trust Director Stuart Crowther ROGBI 17-18 Mount Pleasant Primary School    
John Steel – Lingfield Education Trust Director  John Steel ROGBI 17-18 Heathfield Primary School    
Nick Blackburn – Lingfield Education Trust Chief Executive Officer  Nick Blackburn ROGBI 17-18Nick Blackburn ROGBI 17-18      
Chris Archer  Chris Archer ROGBI 17-18