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Headteacher’s Message:

On behalf of the children, staff and governors of Corporation Road Community Primary School, I would like to welcome you to our school website.

The quality of education and provision has improved dramatically in school over the two years since I have been the Headteacher and especially since the Ofsted inspection in February 2016.

Validated national assessment information confirms that pupils who left Year 6 in 2017 made well above average progress in reading, writing and mathematics. The school is in the top 1% of schools nationally for progress between KS1 and KS2 for writing and maths, and in the top 6% for reading. Pupil premium pupils made better progress in all three subjects than ‘other’ pupils nationally. The ‘low prior attainment’ pupil group also made particularly impressive gains.

Because of the outstanding progress Year 6 pupils made during their time at the school, 66% of pupils met the required standards in reading, writing and maths combined, compared to the 61% seen nationally and across Darlington. Average scores in reading were 103 compared to 104 nationally and across the Local Authority, while average scores in maths at 107 surpassed the 104 seen nationally and in the Local Authority.

The ethos of the school is to ensure teaching and learning is clearly focused on ‘all of the children, all of the time’. Underpinning this is a whole school culture, which is clearly focused on supporting and developing the self-image of each child.

From the minute you step into the building, the rise in aspirations and expectations and the care and love provided for the pupils is palpable; through the flowers, calm music and relaxing aromas to the attention to detail in displays. Significant alterations have also been made to the internal and external learning environments to support improvements in teaching and learning and better outcomes for all children

The school is committed to high standards in all areas of the curriculum and all staff in school have very high expectations of both the children and themselves.

The school sees itself as being at the heart of the community, adopting the moral values and ethics of the cultures and diverse backgrounds of our families.

Parents and the wider community are very positive about the school. In a recent parental questionnaire in February 2018, parents commented:

  • Corporation Road is good because the teachers are dedicating their life for every individual child from all different backgrounds equally the same. They make every child think that they are unique and very special in their way so that they can learn and grow up confident and handle any difficult task. They can mix with children, make friends and do teamwork together in a happy environment and learn from a very young age. I am happy for both my daughters going to Corporation Road School because I know the school and most of the teachers for many years as I used to go there years ago and find it like a family home. I can trust anyone there.
  • The importance of good time keeping. To be disciplined in life. To gain knowledge. To become a complete human being. To become an effective and responsible citizen. To make effective and positive contributions to society. To learn good manners. School is trying to accommodate the needs of children from various backgrounds, which is appreciated.
  • To be properly oriented, to be a good citizen, to respect others, to teach them in a good way and to support them to a good education and to be good. We thank you for your interest and help you provide and offering the best to give the child the desire to learn
  • Extremely pleased my child attends this school
  • Staff are extremely helpful, professional and most importantly they are caring
  • Senior staff are understanding and always helpful
  • I believe the Headteacher goes above and beyond her responsibilities to help the children and their families
  • The staff are caring and always have a good attitude towards parents and the children
  • Having fun while learning
  • Safe/secure environment
  • Preparing to become a responsible adult
  • The school helps everyone to do well in all aspects of lessons. My daughter has achieved top marks through being at this school.
  • Extremely helpful senior staff
  • Approachable staff always willing to go the extra mile
  • School dinners are excellent
  • My children really like school – they have friends and talk about school really positively.
  • Since we came to this school all the staff have helped to settle my children in

A recent visit from the Lord Lieutenant, Mrs Sue Snowdon and Councillor Lee elicited this response:

  • The Head teacher and her staff are working hard to build confidence and inspire all of their school children to move forward into a better life.
  • Once inside the school austerity changes to warmth and colour created by inspirational photographs and bright happy paintings courtesy of the children. The little ones themselves look smart in their school uniform and genuine happiness seems to be the order of the day with many displaying levels of confidence that exceed their young ages.
  • This joy, enthusiasm and atmosphere for learning was acknowledged recently by the Lord Lieutenant Mrs Sue Snowden a past Head Teacher herself, during her visit to Corporation Road School when she said to the Head Teacher and myself how impressed she was with the school, its staff and the rich learning environment where every child was encouraged to reach their full potential

The weaknesses in safeguarding identified in the school’s previous Ofsted report have been eradicated. Because of the school’s context, the school’s health and well-being team and I already spend an enormous amount of time prioritising and dealing with child welfare and safeguarding issues.

Behaviour and attitudes to learning across school are good. Pupils are polite and courteous, for example they hold doors open for visitors and each other without being prompted. They conduct themselves in a confident, respectful manner. Relationships between adults and pupils are constructive, with positive attitudes to learning and behaviours celebrated in class and whole school.

The curriculum of the school caters for all cultures and faiths, including the promotion of fundamental British values. Pupils show a strong sense of respect for others’ values and faiths; accepting, celebrating and embracing the range of faiths and religions represented across the school.

High aspirations and always striving to be the best are evident across school. Children are given opportunities to experience university life and investigate life long learning and career opportunities.

The school is now part of the LIngfield Education Trust and has a Local Advisory Board. The Governing Body consists of Valerie Johnston, Chair of the Local Advisory Board, Mr. N Blackburn, CEO Lingfield Education Trust, Mr. S Crowther, (Looked After Children & Health & Safety), Mrs. A Pringleton (Headteacher), Mr. J Steel (Safeguarding), Mrs. Chris Archer, Associate Member (Head of Early Years, Darlington Borough Council).

I would like to take this opportunity to say a very big thank you for your continued support and to let you know that your child’s education and well-being is in safe hands. I will endeavour to ensure your children access the very best teaching we can provide for them in order to guarantee them the best educational outcomes possible, raise their aspirations, better prepare them for their future and the next steps in their educational journey.

Ann Pringleton




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At Corporation Road Primary School, we try our very best to make sure our children:

    • Know that we want them to succeed.
    • Get the best start in life and are well prepared for the challenges later.
    • Are happy, confident and want to learn.
    • Make really good academic progress every single year.
    • Experience a range of opportunities in and outside school that inspire them and widen their horizons.
    • Are protected and nurtured, yet encouraged to be independent.
    • Are open minded and reject all types of discrimination.
    • Can trust each other and all the adults that work with them.


If you would like any of the information printed from the website, then please ask at the school office. This will be provided free of charge.