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Parent Voice

Here are just some of the positive comments we received from the parental questionnaire completed in February 2018:

  • Corporation Road is good because the teachers are dedicating their life for every individual child from all different backgrounds equally the same. They make every child think that they are unique and very special in their way so that they can learn and grow up confident and handle any difficult task. They can mix with children, make friends and do teamwork together in a happy environment and learn from a very young age. I am happy for both my daughters going to Corporation Road School because I know the school and most of the teachers for many years as I used to go there years ago and find it like a family home. I can trust anyone there.
  • The importance of good time keeping. To be disciplined in life. To gain knowledge. To become a complete human being. To become an effective and responsible citizen. To make effective and positive contributions to society. To learn good manners. School is trying to accommodate the needs of children from various backgrounds, which is appreciated.
  • To be properly oriented, to be a good citizen, to respect others, to teach them in a good way and to support them to a good education and to be good. We thank you for your interest and help you provide and offering the best to give the child the desire to learn
  • Extremely pleased my child attends this school
  • Staff are extremely helpful, professional and most importantly they are caring
  • Senior staff are understanding and always helpful
  • I believe the Headteacher goes above and beyond her responsibilities to help the children and their families
  • The staff are caring and always have a good attitude towards parents and the children
  • Having fun while learning
  • Safe/secure environment
  • Preparing to become a responsible adult
  • The school helps everyone to do well in all aspects of lessons. My daughter has achieved top marks through being at this school.
  • Extremely helpful senior staff
  • Approachable staff always willing to go the extra mile
  • School dinners are excellent
  • My children really like school – they have friends and talk about school really positively.
  • Since we came to this school all the staff have helped to settle my children in

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