Amazing news! We are in the top 5% of schools in the country for KS1 to KS2 progress for reading, writing and maths! Well done to everyone!
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Extra Curricular Activities

Everyday before school:

Breakfast Club

We run an excellent, daily Breakfast Club for children of all ages, which opens at 8 o’clock in the new hall.

Breakfast Club will run as usual this term with one difference, IT WILL BE FREE for everyone. Parents are welcome to come with their children and younger siblings are also welcome. Parents and carers are also invited into school on a Thursday morning. The intention is for parents to have a space to meet, chat, and develop friendships pursue hobbies or interests and decide on areas they would like further support. This could be with the curriculum subjects of reading, writing and maths to help their children and their own careers and also to provide parents with opportunities to bring in specialist support for Family Learning or support from the behaviour team.

Please see Mrs Stott if you wish your child to stay.

Every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday after school:

Hands-on Homework Club

Hands-on Homework Club began in September 2013 and uses some of our pupil premium funding to provide a quiet place for children to work after school. As well as assistance with homework, we also provide a drink and some toast. It is for all children and runs four nights of the week.

H.O.H. Club is proving very popular and to ensure that it runs smoothly we have a few simple rules:

It is open every evening until 4.30pm and is supervised by our staff (on a rota). A maximum of 15 children can stay behind. Each morning on the playground before school, a member of staff will be at the door that Y3 use. They will write down the names of any children who wish to stay that evening. After school, those children go along to the room and do their homework, or their reading, or some school work that they perhaps want help with, in a relaxed environment. The staff supervising will be happy to help your child. Refreshments (a drink and some toast) will be provided. There is no cost to parents.

A consent form must be filled in the first time a child attends.


  • It is for children from Year 1 upwards.
  • A child cannot attend two evenings on the trot. The club is designed for a purpose (to help with their homework, reading, project work, classwork etc) and so we don’t want it to be seen as free childcare. A child can attend more than once in a week, but not on consecutive evenings.
  • A consent form needs to be filled in first.
  • Year 5 and 6 children are old enough to sign up themselves on the playground. All other children need their parent to do this.
  • Signing up will be on a first come first served basis. If the same children begin to miss out regularly because of this rule, we may rethink it.
  • It finishes at 4.30pm and children will be brought onto the playground through the door on the left hand corner of school. Parents won’t be able to collect their child early, but also they must not be late.
  • The club will run each evening from Monday to Thursday.


Starting on Thursday 28th September:

The Lingfield Education Trust Football League

We are pleased to announce Lingfield Educational Trust have launched a new football league that will take place this year. As a trust we offer the opportunity for all children to be involved in a range of sports and provide a meaningful experience, whatever their age or ability. 

Our competitive football league develops a range of life skills which can support children as they progress through school and in life.  We offer both a boys’ and girls’ league. We currently have six schools participating in our leagues.

The league games will be played after school on a Thursday and are expected to kick off at 15:30.

Please click on the link below to see the latest fixtures, results and league tables.



Currently we have no clubs.


  • Science Club (Y3)


  • Lunchtime Running Club
  • Craft Club (Y1 and Y2)
  • Energy Club (KS1 and Y3)
  • Games Club (Y4, Y5 and Y6)


  • Football Club (Y4, Y5 and Y6)


  • Film Club